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I have been lucky enough to spend my career solving challenging problems with interesting clients across a spectrum of technologies and customer segments. Right now, I am not taking on any more full spectrum projects but I am still interested in using my experience and creativity to help others with challenging and worthwhile projects.

This is best expressed in what I call
My Best Shot. Ideally this would be at the conceptual phase and my deliverables would be in the form of ideation sketches, CAD renderings, incorporated into a PowerPoint presentation for a single idea and a fixed fee. This can be useful to benchmark against in-house concepts or as a second opinion. This collaboration process could be conducted totally via the internet or in person for local (Santa Cruz) clients.

Interested parties can start the process by submitting a design brief defining the Problem Statement, Design Criteria, and General Assumptions. I would then generate a letter proposal defining the project scope, deliverables, timeline, Terms and Conditions, and fee, all of which can be negotiated

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